Registration Update and Convention Confections ‘n’ Concessions

Pre-registration will close on Friday morning.  Once pre-registration closes, event registration will be unavailable until onsite registration begins.

Onsite convention registration will be $10, cash only.  Onsite event registration will be a first come/first serve, so if you’re hankering for a particular game, pre-registration is the best way to make sure you’re able to play!

There will be food and refreshments available for purchase the convention on a cash-only basis.  Proceeds will go to support the efforts of Heart of Gold/Operation:Comfort.

Registration Information and Free Stuff

Pre-registration will continue for another two weeks. If you do not pre-register, you can register onsite the day of the convention.

Onsite registration will be cash only.

If you pre-register, you will be able to choose your events in advance. The day of the convention, we will have sign-ups for events with available seats, but the best way to get into a game you want, is to pre-register.

As an additional benefit, all attendees who pre-register will be automatically entered into a raffle to win gaming materials from two great companies:

Lesser Gnome – Creators of the Whisper and Venom campaign world and various classic-style RPG adventures.

Mythoard – A subscription and delivery RPG service that bundles together terrific games from a variety of publishers for you to try.

TSR Games will also donating a copy of Tales from the Fallen Empire, other assorted goodies, and a copy of issues 5 & 6 of Gygax Magazine.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop

The good people at Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop will be at Sticks and Stones to handle any on-site gaming supply needs.

If you’re unfamiliar with the store, here is what owner Mathew Daigle has to say about it:

“Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop is a full-service game store located at 741 New Britain Avenue, Newington, CT 06111 (easy access from Rte 9 and Rte 5/15). We stock over 400 board game titles, a variety roleplaying game lines, tabletop miniatures and supplies for Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

With comfortable seating for 192 players, at our 3′ x 8′ tables Tabletop Shop hosts over 20 weekly, organized play events including: Board Game Night every Thursday, D&D Encounters every Wednesday, Magic the Gathering, Netrunner LCG, Star Wars Armada, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Game of Thrones LCG, Warhammer Fantasy Age of Sigmar, Star Wars LCG, Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG, Doomtown LCG, Pokémon. We also host a number of prerelease events, national championships, and other special events each month.”

Special Guest – Thom Wilson

Sticks and Stones is happy to welcome Thom Wilson, owner of Throwigames which publishes Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System (TSRS) !

Thom will be running a playtest of a new Espionage variant of TSRS.  More information about Thom and TSRS can be found under the Special Guests page.

Special Guest – Jeffrey Talanian!

We could drop morsels of good news once a day, or we can put out a buffet of excitement!

Let’s do that one!

We’re pleased to announce that Jeffrey Talanian of North Wind Adventures will be appearing  as a member of the super-hero team, Special Guests!

North Wind Adventures is currently 10 days away from the completion of a Kickstarter Campaign for a Hyperborea Adventures Three-Pack. The Kickstarter closes on July 15th, so check it out before it’s too late!