Dungeons Deep Designs at Sticks and Stones

From our friends at Dungeons Deep Designs:

Greetings Convention-Goers! Dungeons Deep Designs will be running a playtest of Red Death, their first module for the Dungeons Deep Fantasy RPG game, at Sticks and Stones 2016.

Red Death is an adventure that introduces the Dire Aerth Campaign Setting to new players and drops their characters into the middle of several story lines, including an ongoing war with goblyns, an ancient disease that has resurfaced to threaten the region and the discovery of a unique material that sets the stage for future adventures.

For those unaware, the Dungeons Deep Fantasy Role-Playing Game is a retro-clone designed to be compatible with the most popular fantasy RPG games, but that contains plenty of original material to stand on its own. Dungeons Deep (DD) rules are modular, with both standard and advanced rules included in the same set. Advanced Dungeons Deep (ADD) rules can be added as players gain in experience or when a particular rule is needed (such as hit location, which isn’t always necessary to know).

For those curious about the rules: Character “races” include Aelves, Chul, Dwarves, Feng, Gnomes and Humans. Chul are similar in appearance to Humans, having simian ancestry, but are taller, stronger, harrier and are a completely different species. Feng have reptilian ancestry, are hairless and slightly smaller than humans. Character archetypes include 10 classes: Clerics, Druids, Enchanters, Hunters, Paladins, Magi, Monks, Rogues, Shamans and Warriors. Each class has 10 special abilities called Talents which are accessible by other classes, at an increased “cost” (so every class has 100 Talents to choose from). Examples include Alchemy, Aegis, Assassination, Burglary, Cabala, Combat Ad Libitum, Divine Might, Enlightenment, Gnosis, Hunting, Magick, Martial Arts, Longevity, Metemind, Skill-At-Arms, Thaumaturgy, Theurgy, Vodun, etc. Combat is similar in play to D&D, Pathfinder and Castles and Crusades, but uses a “wrap-around” initiative style, initiative-free movement, attribute-based saves, unique physical injury rules, active and passive defense scores, comprehensive martial- and mass-combat rules and much more.

If any of this appeals to you, consider joining owner and designer Jason M Cook for four hours of dungeon-crawling glory at Sticks and Stones 2016! See you there!